Episode 4. Paul Kindersley

Nov 19, 2018, 08:20 AM

In the fourth episode of Lavender Language, we sit with performance artist Paul Kindersley. Based in South London, Paul's work plays with the concepts of reality, truth and fiction while referencing the esoteric and mainstream all with a wink.

We talk about the beginnings of his career, how being hard to label has its benefits, the importance of story telling, how defining words like queer and art can be problematic, Janet Jackson, ASMR, his film 'The Image' for Charleston House's exhibition Orlando at the Present Time, the speed at which his process takes, what colors of acrylic paint will poison you if painted on your skin, how much burning time a peanut gives off and what being queer means to him, his process and his work.

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Host: Adriann Ramirez (www.instagram.com/adriann.ramirez)

Sound by: Edmund Shaw (www.instagram.com/edmund_shaw)

Produced by: Tahnee Cadrez Freda (www.instagram.com/tahncf)

Guest: Paul Kindersley (www.instagram.com/paulkindersley)

Music: Siboney by Connie Francis