Special Edition! The Primal Lifestyle Black Friday Episode

Nov 19, 2018, 10:23 PM

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With the holidays coming up, and Black Friday just days away, I wanted to “give back,” recap and share some things you can purchase, or better yet, do for free to help optimize your lifestyle and find the energy for that new gym you want to join, that dope story you’ve been wanting to put on paper or that extra time you’ve been meaning to spend with family or friends despite your grueling “9-5.”

Mentioned in the podcast:

  • I like to start my day with hydration, light and movement. This can be as simple as purchasing a Verilux light of Amazon for $20 and sticking it on your desk or (free!) getting some sunlight in the morning while getting in some nice stretching or a little yoga. A walk around the block, a dozen or so burpees, or 10-15 minutes on an elliptical can also get your blood flowing and jumpstart your circadian rhythm, your bodies internal clock. Hydrate with filtered, spring or mineral water. Include minerals such as Trace Minerals or a good quality sea salt. Apple cider vinegar can be used for jump starting your metabolism or before a carb-heavy meal to reduce blood sugar spiking. Lemon can be used for a boost of vitamin C for your immune system. 

  • Intermittent fasting (IF) or time-restricted eating (TRE) can be used as a tool to jump start weight loss or induce autophagy- the bodies natural detox system, or a “cellular cleanup", a powerful tool for anti-aging and longevity.  

  • To avoid spikes in blood sugar and inflammation, focus on fat, fiber and protein for breakfast and lunch. Save your carbs for dinner. Eat whole, real foods. Focus on quality and understand “If God made it, it’s okay, if man made it, throw it away.”  

  • Hack to minimize blood sugar spikes; use apple cider vinegar or supplement with wild biter melon extract. 

  • You will not receive many autophagy benefits from bulletproof aka butter-coffee, but you will jump start ketosis, by introducing healthy fats, rapidly absorbed by the liver and converted to ketones. Butter coffee is calorie dense, so if your goals is fat loss, you might not want to be drinking your calories.  

  • Herbs and spices like cayenne, turmeric, rosemary, cilantro, oregano, garlic for inflammation, vitality and immune health.  

  • Supplements difficult to obtain from food, necessary for longevity mentioned in the podcast.  

B-Vitamins , Vitamin D, K2, Omega 3 fatty acids/krill oil, Magnesium, Creatine, Glutamine, Colostrum 

Vegan options; spirulina, chlorella, flax, chia, hemp for omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Number ONE hack for fat-loss; HIIT! High-Intensity-Interval-Training.  

  • Sleep Hacks; make your home as dark as possible nearing bed time. Avoid artificial blue lights from television, computers and smart phones. Eat at least two hours before bed. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Melatonin, New Mood (click link for free trial) 

  • For a full list of my favorite SUPERFOODS for anti-aging, health and staying fit, check out this blog.  

  • One of the best sources of protein you can possibly get is collagen. The best way to do that is with homemade bone broth.  Recipe here.