#15: Kiko Matthews: World records, Wadi Rum Run and finding your purpose

Nov 22, 2018, 11:00 PM

Kiko Matthews, adventurer and campaigner is back on the pod! Since we recorded the first podcast together (Project Pod #2!) a year and a half ago a lot has happened! Following brain surgery for a rare life-threatening condition, Kiko went on to break the world record for fastest female solo crossing that she was training for last year (49 days at sea!). Kiko then took up running (in her usual style of taking up an activity she has never done before in order to do a mega challenge) and ran the Wadi Rum Ultramarathon in Jordan in October 2018. Kiko is now working on her next venture, Kik Plastic, to help people reduce plastic consumption. In 2019 she'll be cycling around the UK and beach cleaning with primary schools on her route. Kiko's approach to finding your purpose in life? Keep going, try things because you never know what's around the corner, who you'll meet or the skills you'll develop.

Recorded in November 2018

Kiko Matthews

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Guinness World Records news about Kiko's record

Wadi Rum Ultramarathon