Let's talk about (real and fake) sex

Nov 26, 03:00 AM

Porn is pervasive in today's internet culture. But does the typical male gaze leave women out of the viewing audience? And what does this one-way perspective do to our real-life sexual and personal relationships? 

As Nas and Dan take a break this week, co-producers Sam Baker and Jonathan Blackwell tackle the subject of porn and real world sex and how we can make online content for everyone. We talk to sextech entrepreneur and pioneer, Cindy Gallop from MakeLoveNotPorn and education and psychology lecturer, Sam Carr, from the University of Bath.


Cindy Gallop, Consultant & Founder/CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn and All The Sky Holdings.

Sam Carr, Senior Lecturer in Education and Director of Studies for Education with Psychology, Department of Education, University of Bath, UK

Hosts and co-producers: Sam Baker & Jonathan Blackwell

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