Charles Burton: If Xi fulfilled the 142 demands, China would become a nation based on intl norms of governance & the right of citizens to participate in political & economic decisions that impinge on them! However, Xi would be out of job. @cburton001

Nov 27, 2018, 06:52 AM

Photo: Goddess of Democracy HK: Replica of the statue "Goddess of Democracy" from the Tiananmen square protests in 1989. Photo taken in Victoria Park, Hong Kong, during the commemoration event for the 21st anniversary of the massacre.

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Charles Burton (@cburton001), professor at Brock University, speaks on the upcoming G20 meeting in Buenos Aires. Meeting between the president of the US and the president for life of China. . . . Consider rampant intellectual property theft, technology transfer, unfair restricted access to Chinese markets, lack of respect for intl rules and norms – I don’t think Mr Xi will be prepared to move on any of them. He may offer to buy more natural gas and propose more market access to US firms, or buy more agricultural products, but not address the fundamental incompatibility of the two political economies — the Communist ideology of that regime, the nationalist, authoritarian, unrespecting of liberal freedoms or the ideology that makes the United States a great country. Political pressure inside the CCP? Xi overextended himself in his hubris to say that China could become the global hegemon, and that trade and international values that inform international institutions could be converted over to a Chinese model in a relatively short period of time. Within the Party, concern that if he makes too many concessions he’ll look weak, or not enough and the Chinese economy will take a worse and worse hit. He’s between a rock and a hard place and frankly I don't think he’s going to survive this. He thinks the US is in decline, China will assume global economic power with the Belt and Road program; and thinking like a Marxist, the superstructure will follow, and the norms that govern intl behavior will change from the current norms that inform the IMF, and World Bank, and UN, and the WTO, to ones that Mr Xi defines as the common destiny of Mankind, which really means the Chinese destiny of Mankind with everything passing through Beijing. I don’t think he’d get the agreement of his military to engage in a war that China would definitely lose. I ‘m not sure he’ll survive this as president of China. If he succeeded, in Belt and Road program and using various funding sources, and forces poorer countries to take loans they cannot repay, there could be a lot of resentment against the Chinese state. China’s rise by 2050 would come not without conflict. If he did fulfill the 142 demands the US has for him, China would become a nation based on intl norms of governance and the right of citizens to participate in political and economic decisions that impinge on them. However, Mr Xi would be out of job.