Week 12 game balls, Lamar Miller still sucks, and more...

Nov 27, 2018, 07:14 PM

Corey Parson, Chris Ventra, and Jim Day open the show with Corey chatting with Gregg Sussman about how no matter how great a game he can have, Lamar Miller still sucks. Meanwhile, Chris guaranteed a victory by the Giants, which did not happen, and now has to wear an Eagles jersey. The guys question if Phillip Lindsay is an RB1 for the rest of the year, and if he is worth a high draft pick for 2019. Game balls for Week 12 go to Zack Ertz, and Lamar Miller, who does not suck. Jim explains how the entire Jaguars organization should be fired, going back to when they drafted a punter over Russell Wilson.  

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