#FunkNFantasy Let's Get Ready To Rumbllllllllllllle!

Nov 28, 02:11 AM

#FunkNFantasy Let's Get Ready To Rumbllllllllllllle!

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On tonight's show, Luigi was fresh off a sound victory in last week's listeners duel and was looking to keep "KO" the listeners once more. Since Luigi loves Rocky (we all no Corrado feels the other way) in honor of Creed II being released, tonight's Luigi vs The Listeners Fantasy Showdown was.... Boxers! but! you couldn't use Ali or Tyson. Also, you had to take two fictional fighters as well. Balboa and Apollo were not allowed to be used either. This was a slobber knocker of a match up.

Luigi came up with a great idea for a daycare center that isn't exactly your run of the mill operation.

Also, Luigi offered a very heartfelt apology about some things and got emotional over it.

We had major injury news in The NFL from over the weekend and it did not make Luigi happy at all becasue it put a huge hurt on his pre sesason prediction for the Super Bowl.

As always he will break down the week that was in the NFL, going over his MVP's and SOB's of the week and his weekly avoid and deploy list. Along with the daily fantasy plays and the Stone Cold PVC Pipe Locks!

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