Bees in Crisis? - West Bromwich Albion pre-match podcast from the pub

Nov 29, 06:50 AM

It’s doom and gloom in West London as Brentford slipped to a double loss - against Boro and then Sheffield United. The Beesotted crew met up at The George IV pub in Chiswick in an attempt to comfort each other as things on the pitch look more and more glum. 

In the pub

Billy TheBee Grant

Dave Laney Lane

David Anderson

Ali Mullalley

0m - Intro

5 min 01 sec - Fans discuss the match the morning AFTER the Sheffield United game

14 min 42 sec - Beesotted crew discuss why the team is not performing well

43 min 28 sec - Brentford midfield gets dissected plus more discussion on the Bees’ deficiencies

1 hr 28 min 25 sec - Five from the Hive. We chat to Connor from West Brom Fan TV

1 hr 37 min 30 sec - Beesotted crew talk West Brom match

1 hr 46 min 45 sec - END