What does Mueller want from Manafort & What is to be done?. @AndrewCMcCarthy

Nov 29, 2018, 03:15 AM



Moscow, housing, Schosse Entuziastov; Architects: Guryev-Gurevich, Saltsmann; Year: 1935

Дата 1941 or earlier

Источник XXX Years of Architecture in Soviet Russia, M, 1950

Автор Academy of Architecture publication, unsigned photograph


(Повторное использование этого файла) 

PD in Russia. Pre-WW2 photographs

Public domain This work is in the public domain in Russia a)



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What does Mueller want from Manafort & What is to be done?. @AndrewCMcCarthy


Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office has informed a federal court that Paul Manafort violated his plea agreement by repeatedly lying to investigators. Prosecutors thus consider the agreement null and void and have asked the court to set a sentencing date immediately.

The alleged breach was outlined in a brief submission to district judge Amy Berman Jackson in Washington, and reported by the New York Times Monday evening. The submission by Andrew Weissmann and other lawyers on Mueller’s team does not describe Manafort’s allegedly false statements, other than to say that they involve “a variety of subject matters.” Prosecutors are planning to file a sentencing memorandum “that sets forth the nature of the defendant’s crimes and lies, including those after signing the plea agreement.”

In the submission, prosecutors acknowledge that Manafort “believes he has provided truthful information and does not agree with the government’s characterization or that he has breached the agreement.”

On the surface, it doesn’t seem that Manafort’s dispute can get him very far. But when we look closer, we realize that this is about more than a plea; it is about a pardon….