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Nov 29, 04:45 AM

The Holiday season kicked off on last Podcast of November as we celebrated National French toast day day and dove into crunch time in the final 5 weeks of the NFL seaaon.

Flyers mascot Gritty has gone from ridiculed and scary, to the face of a franchise which fired its GM, assistant coaches and front office personell. Gritty invited to help light the Philly City Hall Christmas tree.

We learned that 2 classic holiday animated classics have now become offensive. Charley Brown Thanksgiving and Rusolph the Red Nose Reindeer now outraging many of the ultra sensitive folks who want pretty much all of our history deleted.

The Great Steve Czaban joined us from DC to talk about the Redskins signing LB Reuban Foster after beings released from the 49ers, Colin Kapernick chatter and a preview of Monday Night Football between the Eagles and Washington as the NFC East is still up for grabs.

Hour 2 kicked off with old friend Craig James aka the pony, talking Houston politics, sports and the Red Hot Texans in the AFC. The former SMU and NFL star also talked Dallas Cowboys emerging in the NFC East.

 Miss Robin had her Florida update about cutting the cheese at a Dollar Store almost leading to a man getting cut by a disgruntled farting female

Tony brought us the Dallas wedding photograhpher update about a 26 yr woman who got wasted, had sex with a reception guest, urinated on a street and threatened cops. How bout dem Cowboys?

We mixed in some faux Italian lessons, leeches are making a comeback and the top baby names for 2018 wrapped up the latest extravaganza.

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