Episode 50: Telling A Story

Dec 01, 2018, 04:13 AM

JJ and Rich return for another fun-filled, history-packed edition of The JJ Dillon Show!

On this edition of Storytime with JJ, we get an an update from JJ after a recent health scare. Was this worse than his injury in the first-ever WarGames match?

JJ will be managing in a NWA World Heavyweight Championship match in Pittsburgh on Dec. 1. Does he have any tricks up his sleeve (or on his feet) to help bring home another World Title?

As always, the conversation takes us wherever it goes, and this week we get stories about the late Jose Lothario, Dick Slater, and Don Leo Jonathan, who all recently passed away. JJ retells the hilarious story of Mad Dog Mayne’s drunken match against Lothario in Houston, and much, much more.

Plus, we answer questions from the mailbag, and JJ explains what “telling a story in the ring” actually means.

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