#TheScalaReport: Have you chatted with a billboard recently? Digital Out-of-Home Advertising (DOOH) is the new new for Bladerunner cities. Chris Riegel @ScalaInc

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(Photo:The celebrated smoking Camel cigarette billboard in Times Square was designed by Douglas Leigh and mounted on the Hotel Claridge. (Photo, 1948)

Nationaal Archief - Rokend Camel-reclamebord / Smoking billboard Uploaded by oaktree_b

191-0803 Nationaal Archief/Willem van de Poll Nederlands: Reclamebord met echte rook voor sigarettenmerk Camel op Times Square New York, juni 1948 English: Smoking billboard at Times Square, New York, 1948. Hebt u meer informatie over deze foto, laat het ons weten. Laat een reactie achter (als u ingelogd bent bij Flickr) of stuur een mailtje naar: info@nationaalarchief.nl Please help us gain more knowledge on the content of our collection by simply adding a comment with information. If you do not wish to log in, you can write an e-mail to: info@nationaalarchief.nl Meer foto’s van het Nationaal Archief zijn te vinden in de fotocollectie op gahetna.nl: www.gahetna.nl/collectie/afbeeldingen/fotocollectie/

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Created: 15 January 2012

Location: 40° 45′ 26.7″ N, 73° 59′ 9.72″ W )



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#TheScalaReport: Have you chatted with a billboard recently? Digital Out-of-Home Advertising (DOOH)  is the new new for Bladerunner cities. Chris Riegel @ScalaInc 

https://www.economist.com/business/2018/11/08/billboards-are-an-old-but-booming-ad-mediumBillboard owners are also making hay from the location data that are pouring off people’s smartphones. Information about their owners’ whereabouts and online browsing gets aggregated and anonymised by carriers and data vendors and sold to media owners. They then use these data to work out when different demographic groups—“business travellers”, say—walk by their ads. That knowledge is added to insights into traffic, weather and other external data to produce highly relevant ads. dooh providers can deliver ads for coffee when it is cold and fizzy drinks when it is warm. Billboards can be programmed to show ads for allergy medication when the air is full of pollen.