#MindsetMonday - It's Time For A Software Update

Dec 03, 2018, 06:00 AM

I've been working to improve my programming.

My thoughts throughout the entirety of 2018 have been focused on learning and growing and at times I have grown aware as to how limited they are.

As I became more aware of them over the last month or so I began to really dive deeper into learning more about how to shift my thoughts and harness the power of quantum physics to allow me to do that.

Today, I hope you can feel the effects of the deliberate work that I am doing.

It's time we all focus on performing a Software Update to our current programming. 

Book referenced in podcast:

Joe Dispenza - Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself


Podcast Episode referenced: Joe Dispenza on The School Of Greatness


Your personal reviews are what give me the fuel to keep creating great episodes and pursuing the best guests to bring to you.

Thank you my friends.  

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