Memories of Freddie Blassie with NY Times Bestselling Author, Keith Elliot Greenberg

Dec 03, 12:00 PM

This week, it is our privilege to bring you an interview with TV producer and New York Times bestseller, Keith Elliot Greenberg! You may know him from his book “Pro Wrestling: From Carnivals to Cable TV” and from co-authoring Ric Flair’s, Freddie Blassie's, and "Superstar" Billy Graham's autobiographies (among many, many others). We talk memories of "Classy" Freddie Blassie and the man who had the largest penis in professional wrestling and how his misadventures shaped the WWE! An incredibly fun conversation you don't want to miss!

Topics discussed: Keith’s memorable write-up on Randy after he passed away, Freddie Blassie’s knack for exaggerating the truth, Bruno Sammartino saving Freddie’s life from the mafia, the vicious ribs played in the locker room and why Ric Flair (who was revered amongst the boys) would get ribbed but Randy would not, what Angelo Poffo thought of ribbing, which manager quit the WWF and threatened to burn down wrestlers’ homes with their children inside due to wrestlers leaving “treats” in his shoes, Lanny’s memories of Freddie from when he was younger and living in Hawaii, Freddie’s regret on being an absentee father and how he sadly died before making peace with his children, the love/hate relationship between Freddie and Lou Albano, the reason Freddie never drank, what stopped Freddie from partnering with Gorgeous George and Don Carson, the mental sickness of Dr. Jerry Graham and how he attempted to steal his dead mother from the hospital, who had the largest penis in professional wrestling and how his man part changed the wrestling landscape forever, how the autobiography of Iron Sheik was co-written by Greenberg but was deemed too colorful to ever be published, the time all the boys in the back sang in the tune of John Lennon about Iron Sheik’s umpteenth return to the WWF after one of his many drug charges, a deeper look on the story of Hacksaw Jim Duggan getting suspended after being caught in the car with Iron Sheik with marijuana and cocaine right before he was set to have a massive push, what makes a good heel according to Nikolai Volkoff, Lanny discusses going 20% heel on commentary for New Japan, and so much more!

Also in this week's show: Lanny and JP discuss their friend "Mean" Gene Okerlund getting involved with The Genius Cast, Chicago winters, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan's health, Jake "The Snake" Robert talking "bullshit" on a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan "Experience" podcast, Lanny's memories of Newfoundland and singing old traditional Newfoundlander folk songs, a fan writes a "thank you" card to Lanny, how Angelo Poffo's relationship was with Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens, the story behind Lanny's "Killer Bees-esque" trunks from old promo photos, why Lanny was once billed from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, the content of an exchange between Randy Savage and Donald Trump at Trump Plaza, Lanny's thoughts on the Bushwackers' Jamison, Randy and Liz separating on screen but being together still in real life, Lanny's thoughts on Liz and Randy's breakup, whether or not there's an ICW tape library, and so much more! This is a jam-packed show you don't want to miss!

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