Guest episode: Jennifer Cerys on Section 28 and homophobia, LGBTQ+ sex education and the power of protest

Dec 05, 2018, 06:00 AM

In episode 27, Jennifer Cerys joins us to talk about the play that she has written about Section 28 - legislation that was passed by Margaret Thatcher in 1988 that banned the promotion of same-sex relationships in school and by local authorities. This led to mass protest across Britain, partially lead by Booan Temple who stormed the BBC during a live broadcast. The consequences of this law cause an onslaught of homophobia and a lack of sex education amongst LGBTQ+ students. We talk about how much progress we have made since Section 28 was repealed, but also how far we still need to go to achieve equality for everybody.

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Our three figures are Booan Temple, that just 1 in 5 LGBTQ+ pupils have been taught about safe sex in relation to same-sex relationships and the protest against Section 28 in London 1988.

Figure 1: Booan Temple

Lesbian protest at the BBC

We have rather been invaded, Danielle Mustarde

Pride (2014)

Figure 2: Just 1 in 5 LGBT pupils have been taught about safe sex in relation to same-sex relationships.

Stonewall School Report 2017

Homo Sapiens: Jeremy Corbyn, presented by Will Young and Chris Sweeney

Figure 3: Section 28 protestors in London, 1988

It’s 30 years since Ian McKellen came out and the internet is celebrating, Tomasz Frymorgen

Love, Simon (2018)

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