Jaron Lanier - Our Digital Future and Digital Fate

Dec 05, 2018, 04:38 AM

Interesting People in Interesting Times welcomes technologist, writer and philosopher Jaron Lanier, to discuss his memoir Dawn of the New Everything (Henry Holt & Co.) tracing his childhood in Texas to his work with Microsoft, his exploration of virtual reality and his thoughts on our digital future.

Recorded at Soho House in NYC, Jaron began with a short music performance. Jump to three minutes in if you want to skip the music. 

Interesting People in Interesting Times, hosted by Tom Goodwin and Adriana Stan, brings together provocative speakers, great ideas and bold new thinking.

Music: "Roadrunner" by Dan Tepfer from the album Eleven Cages on Sunnyside Records. Dan Tepfer - piano, Thomas Morgan - bass, Nate Wood - drums.

Produced by goldfieldmedia