Was WBA a turning point? - Pre-Swansea RodCast from the Pub and Radio Studio

Dec 06, 06:50 AM

In their first ever RodCast (podcast radio show mash-up), The Beesotted crew met up a very Christmassy White Hart pub in Southwark before moving onto LoveSport Studio and then back to the pub again to discuss Brentford's draw up at West Brom. The Swansea Way and whether Brentford is suffering from the same problems that Swansea suffered from. 

Plus they spoke to ex Swansea player Alan Tate

In the pub studio and the real studio

Billy TheBee Grant

Dave Laney Lane

Katie Bee Graham

Greville Water Man

0 min - Intro from The White Hart pub in Southwark

5m 08 sec - The Swansea Way. Why did it go so horribly wrong. Is Brentford in danger of following in Swansea's footsteps?

28 min 50 sec - Beesotted crew in the Lovesport studio with Aaron Paul

36 min 22 sec - Views from the fans after the West Brom Game (7m 32 sec) and West Brom match discussion

47 min 27 sec - The Beesotted Crew discuss Nico Yennaris impending move to Beijing club Sinobo Guoan in China (18 m 37 sec)

54 min 33 sec - Interview with ex Swansea player Alan Tate 

1 hour 3 min 38 sec  -Should Brentford revisit the loan system?

1 hour 17 min 06 sec - Outro from The White hart Pub in Southwark - Where does Brentford go after Swansea?

1 hour 25 min 18 sec - END

Photo credit: Mark Fuller, Official Brentford Pix