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Dec 06, 2018, 04:18 AM

Our first podcast of December went off the rails early as Tony and his longtime partner Harry Mayes reunited with some breaking news. Harry will be joining us to broadcast live from Atlanta for Super Bowl 53 and to celebrate Tony's 30th Super Bowl on Radio Row. We wondered aloud about renting a truck or RV to drove to Atlanta for our week of coverage to transport the whole crew, equipment and provisions necessary to perform our duties for the publics benefit.

Harry also announced starting in January he will become regular contributor to @Branded Sports.

Lots of Vodka, Wine and sports mixed into the first hour, including Thursday Night Football, Eagles and Cowboys and Tony acknowledging Dallas may actually be the NFC Super Bowl said and done.

We ran out of ime and couldn't breakdown each of the 39 college bowl games as Harry had to run off to he Villanova - Temple game.

Hour 2 featured a breakdown of acceptable terms in addressing women nowadays. Tony was castigated on Twitter for calling a female Senator "hon". Miss Robin and Luigi chimed in with there opinions and the conclusion? Tony compiled tne perfect list of what we all agreed were not offensive and could be used safely for both men and women. You listen, you decide.

 Tony broke down the latest Christmas songs that should be banned for a vast variety of offensive and politically incorrect, sexist and and sheer mean reasons.

We had special guests in the audience who are travelling the country for the last 6 months and had some great stories. Payton and Case have been all over since June, but it was the outrageous treatment by Canadien Border agents at the Windsor port of entry that sent Tony into an epic rant condemning and even threatening our neighbors to the north. You have to hear it to believe it. Was he serious? Was he right? Listen and please respond.

Finally, a new study out of Italy shows one more reason for men to worry about their manhood. 

PFC'S May lead to smaller schlongs? An absolute outrage! 

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