Lou Ann Hammond, DrivingtheNation.com: Carlos Ghosn, jailed in Tokyo over two weeks ago with no indictment because he’d proposed a Renault-Nissan merger; Japan rejected it. Police were deployed. Japan is starting to look very bad.

Dec 06, 04:41 AM

Photo: Tesla Model S P70 exhibited at the Salão Internacional do Automóvel 2016 São Paulo, Brazil

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Lou Ann Hammond, DrivingtheNation.com; a brave little robot in a Tesla, speeding down a Cali highway, the 101, with no driver: the driver apparently had passed out from intoxication. The police saw a strange vista and managed to stop the car, but it was the autonomous Tesla robot that saved the day. Tesla deserves to be in a Hall of Fame, and credit in this to Elon Musk. JB: that Tesla deserves to be in a Hall of Fame, and credit in this to Elon Musk. Apparently because Ghosn had proposed an actual Renault-Nissan merger, which the Japanese, esp the Mitsubishi leg, rejected; so the Japanese constabulary were deployed. Ghosn was thrown in jail with no indictment. Japan is starting to look very bad.* “Carlos Ghosn saved tens of thousands of jobs in France and Japan,” Hachem said in an interview. “If he made a mistake, he should be held accountable for it. But this should be done in a decent way. Why is he being humiliated in this manner? *Police may have used Tesla’s Autopilot feature to stop driver asleep at the wheel Redwood City California Highway Patrol stopped a Tesla Model 3 they suspected was running Autopilot with a drunk driver asleep at the wheel. The incident occurred last Friday, November 30th at 3:37AM PT, when officers observed a car going 70 mph on Highway 101 with a driver that appeared to be asleep. After flashing their lights and sirens in an attempt to pull the car over, the officers deployed a strategy based around their assumption that the Tesla Model 3 was running on Autopilot. According to the CHP incident report, two unit cars pulled up in front and behind the Tesla to get the car to gradually come to a stop, after a seven-mile chase. A statement from the CHP reads, “We cannot confirm at this time if the “driver assist” feature was activated but considering the vehicle’s ability to slow to a stop when [the driver] was asleep, it appears the “driver assist” feature may have been active at the time.”

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Carlos Ghosn was arrested in Tokyo on suspicion of financial misconduct more than two weeks ago, yet the world hasn't heard a word from the auto industry icon since. The reasons for his silence have a lot to do with Japan's legal system. The multimillionaire executive has been fired as chairman of Nissan (NSANY) and Mitsubishi Motors (MSBHY), and sidelined at Renault (RNSDF), even though prosecutors have yet to file any formal charges against him. An indictment would be ominous for Ghosn. More than 99% of people charged with a crime in Japan are eventually convicted, experts say.

Ghosn has retained lawyers to represent him but has issued no public statement.