The Spectator Podcast: what next in the Brexit cliffhanger?

Dec 06, 2018, 04:38 PM

With just days to go till the meaningful vote, the government looks set to lose it by a humiliating margin. What next for Theresa May? We ask one of the MPs opposing her deal – former universities minister, Sam Gyimah (00:50). And over on the continent, France buckles down for another weekend of riots from the gilet jaunes – can Macron give them what they want (19:05)? And last, has Britain become a country of show-offs (28:35)?

With James Forsyth, Sam Gyimah, Gavin Mortimer, Sophie Pedder, Harry Mount, and Cosmo Landesman.

Presented by Lara Prendergast.

Produced by Cindy Yu and Alastair Thomas.