Dec. 6th, Level 3: Stinky feet, crocs, Michelle's hands, top selling jerseys, and more...

Dec 06, 2018, 05:31 PM

The final hour of the show starts with Gabe talking about how disgusting it is when people put their feet up on airplanes, and how a woman had someone's feet sticking through her seat. The gang goes on to talk about their biggest pet peeves, including crocs, backpacks, and bare feet. Gabe talks about how Michelle's hands are as big as Kawhi Leonard's, and Corey makes a bet where if he wins, Michelle has to rub his belly. The crew talks about the most sold sports jersey, and how Gabe has racked up a nice collection in his time. The gang finishes the hour looking at some prop bets for tonight's TNF game. 

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