@SebGorka: Praise lavished on George H W Bush is remarkable as he was poorly treated by media during his presidency, but vituperation against the current incumbent—daily slurring, lambasting him as a white supremacist & anti-Semite. It's insanity.

Dec 07, 2018, 04:38 AM

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Sebastian Gorka, Fox News, and author, Why We Fight; soon to be radio host of America First on 1 Jan 2019; in re: The praise lavished on George H W Bush is remarkably in view of how poorly treated he was by media during his tenure as president. Do they think we have no memory of history? The level of vituperation against the current incumbent is something we haven’t seen before. Daily calls slurring, lambasting him as a white supremacist, and anti-Semite. It's peak insanity, but not new – an incredible level of calumny against Reagan, Bush I, Bush II. The constant, daily castigation of the current president, of which we've never seen the like. This is the mob. When he has to travel 250 yards from the White House, and in light of the extraordinary threats against his life is obliged to ride in a bulletproof car, the Washington Post writes, couldn't he have walked? If truth is subjective, having nothing to so with what’s happening to us, then . . .

Russia: the Secretary of State has indicated that unless Russia comes into compliance with the INF treaty—at present, only the US is— the US will withdraw. This causes WaPo and others to claim that Trump is a war-monger. . . . The US Navy has sortied into the Sea of Japan, reminding Russia that ____; and are thinking of sending the Navy back in the Black Sea, in connection with the Sea of Azov. Russia is trying to destabilize various regions around the world.