@DanHenninger: “Family values” has fallen out of the political vocabulary; temperance, self-restraint, plain speaking, duty, honesty & courage —these are simply virtues, developed by all Americans to survive and succeed on the frontier.

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Dan Henninger, deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal; in re: The passing of George H W Bush. The phrase “family values” has fallen out of the political vocabulary; but we've spent the last week talking about Bush family values. We went through the same exercise in April, when Barbara Bush died.

Note that these have all become invidious comparisons to Donald Trump.

New England, as well as basic American, values have been: Temperance, self-restraint, plain speaking, duty, honesty, and courage. These are simply virtues, the sort developed by all Americans as they conquered the frontier because they were necessary for us to survive and succeed. I think that the media in this country for the last thirty years have been responsible for undermining these values.

In Houston in1992, Dan Quayle’s speech about the culture and family values. The press was appalled to see middle-class folk say that their values were under assault. McGuffey’s Reader. Good guys win, heroes are to be rewarded—except the Clintons, who do not seem to embrace those values. The Democratic Party drifted away from these values: Obama said, “People clinging to their guns and religion.” Why he felt obliged to deride those did not go unnoticed.