The Merchant of Seri (The Story of Two Merchants)

Dec 25, 2018, 10:38 PM

This is a story from Jataka Tales about two merchants, and is known as The Merchant of Seri or The Story of Two Merchants.

The story goes as follows: once upon a time, there were two merchants in a village. One of them was kind hearted and honest, while the other was short tempered and greedy. One day, both traveled to a nearby town to sell their wares. They separately met an old woman and her grand daughter. The old woman had a plate made of gold. Both the merchants made an offer to the woman for the plate. Whose offer did the old woman accept? Listen to this story to learn more.

This story was previously published on Baalgatha Podcast. This story has been revised and rewritten by Amar Vyas and narrated by Sheerali Biju.

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