Hanin Ghadar (@haningdr): Beirut is on the edge of collapse: economic—vast national debt—and political: there's been no government since the last elections. It’s a regional crisis, about sanctions, Hezbollah, & insecurity—especially Syria. @hajjarmo

Dec 09, 01:03 AM

Photo: Beirut

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Hanin Ghaddar: Beirut is a city on the edge of collapse: economic with vast national debt; and political: there's been no government since the last elections. It’s a regional crisis, about sanctions, Hezbollah; and insecurity — Syria. What's the status of Hariri and of Aoun? During parliamentary elections, there was an agreement between the two; unfortunately, it didn’t work. Hariri is much more isolated, has no influence, as you can see in how he handles the governmental formation, which he cannot do, although constitutionally, he’ s required to. Hezbollah proclaims that it's the key to government formation, which Hariri rejects. Aoun is Hezbollah’s ally. . . . Role of Lebanese army? In 2006, the Lebanese govt was not Hezbollah-controlled, nor were the state institutions. Today Hezbollah is the state. 

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Hanin Ghaddar is the inaugural Friedmann Visiting Fellow at The Washington Institute's Geduld Program on Arab Politics, where she focuses on Shia politics throughout the Levant. The longtime managing editor of Lebanon's NOW news website, Ghaddar shed light on a broad range of cutting-edge issues, from the evolution of Hezbollah inside Lebanon's fractured political system to Iran's growing influence throughout the Middle East. In addition, she has contributed to a number of U.S.-based magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times and Foreign Policy. Prior to joining NOW in 2007, Ghaddar wrote for the Lebanese newspapers As-Safir, An-Nahar, and Al-Hayat, and also worked as a researcher for the United Nations Development Program regional office. A native of Al-Ghazieh, Lebanon, Ghaddar holds a Bachelor's degree in English literature and a Master's degree in Middle East studies, both from the American University of Beirut.