Japan 1941: 3 of 4: Countdown to Infamy by Eri Hotta (Author)

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日本語: 1939年(昭和14年)当時の日暮里駅。京成電車のりばが見える。常磐線の蒸気機関車牽引列車は夕方の数本は日暮里駅に停車したが、昼間はホームの中線が閉鎖されていて不思議な光景だったという。戦前

Date 1939


English: Japan Railfan Magazine(Tetsudō Fan: Japanese), Page37, No.148, KOYUSHA CO.LTD.,1973-8

日本語: 鉄道ファン1973年8月号(No.148)P37

Author Sasaki Kikyou/佐々木桔梗


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Japan 1941: 3 of 4: Countdown to Infamy by Eri Hotta (Author)


 Kirkus Reviews Best Nonfiction Book of the Year

A groundbreaking history that considers the attack on Pearl Harbor from the Japanese perspective and is certain to revolutionize how we think of the war in the Pacific.

When Japan attacked the United States in 1941, its leaders, in large part, understood they were entering a war they were almost certain to lose. In a groundbreaking history that considers Pearl Harbor from the Japanese perspective, certain to revolutionize how we think of the war in the Pacific, Eri Hotta poses essential questions overlooked for the last seventy years: Why did these men—military men, civilian politicians, diplomats, the emperor—put their country and its citizens in harm's way? Why did they make a decision that was doomed from the start? Introducing us to the doubters, bluffers, and schemers who led their nation into this conflagration, Hotta brilliantly shows us a hidden Japan—eager to avoid war but fraught with tensions with the West, deluded by reckless militarism, tempted by the gambler’s dream of scoring the biggest win against impossible odds and nearly escaping disaster before it finally proved inevitable.