Dec. 11th, Hour 1: Corey's new phone, Kirk Cousins sucks, so does the MNF Broadcast team, and more...

Dec 11, 2018, 03:41 PM

Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the show with Corey thankful for getting a new phone, and how his Facetime feature made for a nice night. The gang looks back at last night's game between the Vikings and Seahawks with Gabe bringing up a not-so-secret truth; Kirk Cousins sucks. Gabe even goes as far as saying Kirk Cousins makes Eli Manning look athletic, and that the Redskins are better off with Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson. Corey thinks the coaching staff has to take a lot of the heat for the Vikings issues, but Gabe thinks most of the blame falls on the $80 million man, Cousins. The gang tries to figure out which sucks more, Cousins and the Vikings, or the Monday Night Football broadcasting team. Corey thinks too many people are hating on Jason Witten, but Gabe and Michelle explain that Witten is too mechanical, and could use some help from Tony Romo. A discussion between a Yankees coach and prospect where the prospect said that "Babe Ruth would not be great in today's game," gets the gang in to a heated debate around the greatness of The Bambino.

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