Dec 11th, Hour 3: Texas Toast, eat a Snickers, Yanks-Mets-Marlins, KD on Kobe, and more...

Dec 11, 2018, 05:12 PM

The final level of the show starts with Gabe talking about he and his Game Time Decisions producer, Yeng, always enjoy some Texas Toast, which turns in to a conversation as to why Corey needs to eat a Snickers. Looking at this possible Yankees-Mets-Marlins deal, the gang thinks it's not a bad deal, but that Mets fans, including Mike Cardano, would be destroyed to see Thor go to the Bronx. Showing respect for the one who tells it like it is, Kevin Durant, the gang agrees with KD that Kobe Bryant is the closest embodiment to Michael Jordan, with Gabe saying LeBron James is more like Magic Johnson. 

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