No Respect

Dec 11, 2018, 05:50 PM

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce complaining about a jog-a-thon (00:20), the talk about the Kings 3-1 road trip and what impressed them with the win over the Bulls (3:10), Deuce thinks the Kings aren't getting respect around the NBA and is annoyed with all the Mavs hype (5:10), Reggie McKenzie gets fired by the Raiders and they discussed why he doesn't get more love (17:20), Gruden rolling the media (19:35),  they talk about the Bears dominate performance and Goff's struggles in cold weather (27:20), the drama with the Chicago Bulls and if Jim Boylan's approach is OK (33:10), Deuce brags about some of his play-by-play calls (40:00), Truth or Trash (41:55) includes Mahomes as the most exciting player in the NFL, Elf as the best Christmas move, MadBum should be traded and more. They closed things out with a MASSIVE mailbag (48:10).