Eclectica 188 - Christmas Special 2018 + Sorry to Bother You

Dec 12, 2018, 12:08 PM

The fire is lit, the mulled wine has been dished out and the word of the week is 'picaresque'.

It's an Eclectica Christmas party alright, with Aidan, Sarah, Rob and Graham falling hard for Boots Riley's debut "Sorry to Bother You". Granted that's not very festive, but after a potted history of unmade Spider-Men from Mark the second half of the show will have you wishing it was January.

It's not all insane as Aidan has Bill Forsyth's "Comfort and Joy", which is a straightforward tale of Glaswegian ice cream men. Meanwhile, Graham's dealing with the birth of the bigfoot furry sex comedy in the form of Netflix's "Pottersville", and Rob brings the gift of Shatner with "Christmas Horror Story".

Stay tuned for news of our year-end shows!

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