Dec. 12th, Level 1: Hot as always, MLB hot stove, Rays future, Howie Mandel, and more...

Dec 12, 2018, 03:34 PM

Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the program with gabe explaining for once, he had a good betting night, leading to being a little more chipper this morning. Corey talks about how Villanova, losing to UPenn last night, are not a good as they have been billed to be this season. Talking about the MLB Winter Meetings, Gabe says the Tampa Bay Rays now have no new stadium proposal, and only have a few weeks to either get a ballpark, out of Tampa, and possibly move to Montreal, bringing back the Expos. Corey and Gabe argue if Montreal deserves a baseball team, with Corey thinking cities like Las Vegas and Nashville (and a country like Puerto Rico) are more deserving of a baseball team than Montreal. Gabe's Grinch side comes out, questioning why the Meadowlands Sports Book will be closed on Christmas, citing the fact that there are six NBA games on slate for Christmas Day. Howie Mandel joins the show to play Gabe's own version of Deal or No Deal, and to teach Corey more about the wonders of Canada. 

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