Dec. 12th, Level 2: Parson-Popp 2020, Get Off My Lawn, Overpaid Quarterbacks, First Lady of Harlem, and more...

Dec 12, 2018, 04:17 PM

The second level of the show starts with the gang congratulating Gregg Popvich on passing Pat Riley for fourth on the all-time wins list for coaches, and Corey saying he hopes Pop becomes the next Governor of New Jersey. In other politics, Gabe still can't believe a Republican Governor, in Nevada, would declare a state of emergency because the state ran out of marijuana. The gang looks at how teams have been overpaying quarterbacks, saying how the only overpaid QB with a shot at the playoffs is Kirk Cousins. The gang goes over people that need to Get Off Their Lawns, with Gabe hating on Christmas commercials about diamonds and Tommy John underwear. Michelle asks Corey if he is in the hunt to find "The First Lady of Harlem," and also asks if that possible woman has to pass "The Jiggle Test." Speaking of the Jiggle Test, Corey and Gabe agree that cheerleading coaches are just as mean and vile, if not more, than football coaches. The gang talks about how Mike Tyson's loss to Buster Douglas was the biggest upset in sports history, and also tell a story of how Tyson got in to a streetfight with a drug-infused Mitch Green, leading to Green almost losing his eye. 

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