r/nostupidquestions, live from Ranch Dressing Studios, and u/dogboobes has legitimate dad issues

Dec 13, 2018, 02:48 AM

Well everyone, it's finally the time you've all been waiting for. After about 8 straight episodes of mediocre pod quality, we're back in full swing at Ranch Dressing Studios, creamy as all get out. To celebrate, we talk for a good 15 minutes before ever even addressing the mere concept of Reddit. But don't you worry, we cover your second favorite topic in the meantime, Doggie Boobies' dad issues. After we cover our bases on that important topic, we jump over to r/nostupidquestions to address a pressing topic that we all think deserves attention - why Reddit is so popular despite most people claiming they don't know what it is. For you regular Redditors, this is a not all too uncommon issue. Yet, like any good mystery, it continues to be unsolved. Plus, other non-stupid questions, we debate rebranding the Gap as an edgy sk8 company, and more important than all, we give non-biased wine reviews based solely on the labels, from our new official sponsor Capo Isetta Wines (https://capoisetta.com/). Spoiler alert, they're all 10s. This episode legitimately brought to you by Capo Isetto wines, which you can get just in time for the holiday season at https://capoisetta.com/.