Dec. 13th, Level 3: Yankee hats, The King in studio, Washington fans, and more...

Dec 13, 2018, 05:24 PM

The final level of the show starts with Gabe explaining how most crimes in New York are done by people wearing Yankees hats, questioning Corey's fashion. Scott Engel joins the show to talk about his fun times in Seattle, and how tonight's game will be even more exciting for fantasy players, while Gabe calls tonight's fantasy plays a big crapshoot. The gang also chats with Scott about the Yankee hat crime issue, but Scott says it's a baseless stat because Yankee hats are very popular; Gabe even finds that 25% of all MLB hats sold are Yankees caps. The crew goes on to talk about how players on the Redskins, namely team captain Mason Foster, are calling out their fanbase, and saying they are not worth their hard work. Gabe and Corey chat with their friend, Riggs, about hopes of getting some more inexpensive Nets tickets. 

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