The Epistler

Dec 17, 2018, 05:20 PM

I was interested in Economics because it is a smart way to deal with the problems faced by people. However, as I grew up, the choices I made deviated more and more from where I started in the first place - Larger impact.

Freelancing allows Rishika to go where the work is and more autonomy over the number of pieces and regulate the level of editorial control and pressure to contribute, just to keep up with the frantic pace of publishing.

What's endearing about Rishika is the free spirited nature with which she looks at the world. Ethics and principles in Journalism, the need to write with your heart and the ability to show empathy (to the people one is writing about) are facets of her personality that difficult to come across.

Rishika encourages our listener to get rid of our inhibitions and reach out to make our dreams manifest! She did it the first time she was reaching out to the editor of the prestegious New Indian Express and subsequently The Wire, both where her first articles were published.

Our favorite parts of the podcast included not being bogged down by another good story or piece that is out there and having the conviction in our ability to put out good work.

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