How to Prevent Overuse Injuries - With Physiotherapist Kyla Hartnell

Jan 07, 05:00 PM

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“I want you to explore movement more. Not necessarily in the sport you love, but I want you to go play on the monkey bars, I want you to go wrestle I want you to do some gymnastics and some vaulting and some yoga”

As the Founder and Owner for Long Lake Sports & Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, based in Nanaimo British Columbia, Kyla Hartnell has worked extensively with national amateur and professional hockey and rugby players and loves the challenge of getting athletes performing their best as quickly as possible post injury. She grew up on skates playing ringette, hockey, and figure skating. As an adult, she has completed numerous international marathons, Ironman Canada, and competed at a National level in basketball and softball. Kyla is the sister of NHL player, Scott Hartnell, and together they coauthored a children’s book titled Hartnell Down - also the name of Scott’s charity foundation. In our talk with Kyla we discussed overuse injuries, concussions, Tommie John’s Surgery, multi-sport opportunities, and much more!

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Table of Contents

1:07 – Guest intro

1:52 – Personal youth sports experience

5:43 – Hartnell Down

7:57 – Resilience

11:02 – Life Lessons from the NHL

14:08 – Importance of the first few years in a sport

16:09 – Over Use injuries

19:47 – Tommie John’s Surgery

27:12 – Got game/ Multisport

32:35 – Top 3 Issues facing youth sports

38:49 – Reversing negative trends

41:05 – Top 3 characteristics of great coaches

43:45 – What can we do to help kids love their sport more at the end of the season than they did at the beginning?

46:22 – Resources

53:05 - #1 Tip for New Coaches