Dec. 18th, Level 2: Music match, hockey games, Get off Michelle's lawn, and more...

Dec 18, 2018, 04:30 PM

The second level of the program starts with Gabe coming up with a new format where the musical tastes of Michelle, Corey, and himself, are properly represented for each show. Gabe talks about the popularity of the New York Rangers, and how hockey is the most fun sport to see live; Corey, never having been to a hockey game, disagrees. Michelle tells people who think the song "Baby, it's cold outside," is offensive, to get off her lawn. Taylor Stevens joins the show, as the gang talks about the average price of NBA tickets and how beautiful women attend hockey games. The gang also talks about who is the biggest influence on the city of Toronto, with Drake and Vince Carter nearing the top of the list. 

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