Episode 195 - Barry Henssler (Necros, Big Chief, Motorbooty)

Dec 18, 2018, 05:27 PM

Alright, Alright, Alright! This week on the show, Damian gets to sit down with a hardcore legend & ZINE GOD: BARRY HENSSLER!!! A vocalist hero & Co-creator of one of the most expensive hardcore 7"s ever. Listen in as the two discuss Barry going from being a four year old seeing the Grateful Dead on their first tour, to being part of the first wave of hardcore punk in the godly NECROS. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Also Touched On:

Alice Cooper as first exposure

Sonic Youth loving Love It To Death


hearing MC5 from a friend's older brother and the older sibling cool music connection

The Vertigo Records New Wave comp

Seeing Pink Floyd on the first tour post Syd at age 7

Seeing the Grateful Dead at age 4 in a backyard

Alice Cooper and ZZ Top

Starting a band without guidance


Trying to cover the Clash’s 1977

buying Spiral Scratch, The Cramps, Suicide and Electric Eels

Getting your licence and driving to Drome Records

Pere Abu


The Making of Smega Journals

The reason the Necros have never been reissued

Seeing the Ramones and Johnny had beard

Joe Jackson

Undertones blow David Johansen

PIL in Detroit

The Spys and The Dry Heaves

Getting the Solger 7”

Meeting the DC kids

Seeing Minor Threat for the first time

befriending the Circle Jerks

seeing Black Flag for the first time

The story of Sex Drive

The Ohio music debate

Negative App


Starvation Army

Guided By Voices

The early east coast hardcore scene

Joey Shithead unconventional touring style

Minor Threat solo

Kings Of Punk is the last hardcore record