#FunkNFantasy We're Going To The Ship

Dec 19, 2018, 02:21 AM

On tonight's show, Luigi may have completely and utterly sucked in his own league that he put together for the show..... but he was able to advance to the finals in his long standing league so it's celebration time! almost..

He will also announce the contestants in the Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is League as well and this one has some municipal bad blood between it!

Luigi was fresh off yet another sound victory from last weeks match up with The Listeners in the Battle Of Famous Jewish People in The Fantasy Showdown and took aim to make it FOUR! in a row this week.

PC Christmas is upon us so in keeping with that, tonight's match up is titled "I'm dreaming Of A White Christmas" using only white NFL players. However, you could not draft any person in the Hall Of Fame nor! any current NFL Player. This was harder than it sounded and yes, "that's what she said".

Luigi went on a little bit of a holiday rant that you don't want miss either.

As always he will break down the week that was in the NFL, going over his MVP's and SOB's of the week and his weekly avoid and deploy list. Along with the daily fantasy plays and the Stone Cold PVC Pipe Locks!

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