Deuce and Mo's Christmas Special

Dec 19, 2018, 03:27 AM

Deuce and Mo kick off the show with Deuce talking about why he's somewhat skeptical about dentists (1:10), looked back at the Kings last few games including the starters not playing much vs. Minnesota (3:30), Joerger's comments about Luka and comparing Durant and Westbrook to Fox and Bagley (10:26), Deuce explains the problems with NBA and social media (12:30), they look ahead to the tough home stretch (18:50), if we'll ever see a 4-point line in the NBA and if they'd like having it a part of the game (20:00), Porter's future and why the Wizards landed Ariza (28:00), Anthony Davis' future in the New Orleans (31:00), they randomly discuss if it's more likely Harden gets rid of the beard or Davis gets rid of the unibrow (34:01), they discuss their own trademarks (36:30), they talked about Nick Mullens and if he should compete for the starting job with Jimmy G (38:30), they get to Truth OR Trash (41:30) including Fox-Hield as a Top 5 backcourt, Father Time has reached Tom Brady and the Browns are the best story in football. They closed with a jam-packed mailbag (50:50).