Dec 19th, Level 3: Celebration Bowl, Pete Yannopoulos, Pro Bowl rosters, and more...

Dec 19, 2018, 05:37 PM

The final level of the program starts with Corey getting livid over Mark Jones doing commentary for last week's Celebration Bowl. Drunk Brad calls in to the show to talk about his anger over the Cowboys' loss, and how Gabe and Corey should come do a Road Rage show in El Paso. Pete Yannopoulos joins the show to talk about the Nets' winning streak, and look at some of the top betting odds for tonight's slate in the NBA. Number one fan, Bob from Vermont, calls the show to ask if he can come to the Holiday party. Gabe loves the fact that the Patriots' demise has begun, and calls out Patriots fans as fake, citing how Bills fans still show up to games. The gang finishes the show looking at the Pro Bowl rosters, as well as the biggest snubs.

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