The Tipping Point. The Beesotted pre-Bolton Christmas Podcast

Dec 20, 2018, 06:50 AM

It’s Christmas. Almost. And The Beesotted crew met up for pre-Christmas drinks at the George IV pub in Chiswick to try and muster some merriment as the Bees looked to the Bolton game at the weekend for three festive points. 

The festive discussion included the ongoing Thomas Frank discussion. Where is it going wrong for him? Lounges at Lionel Road. Brentford. The club seems to have forgotten their history - with some randomly-named Lounges pencilled in for the new stadium. Highs and lows of 2018. The crew think back to the last year. 

Plus we get the lowdown on Bolton from Eddie Skelly from Lion of Vienna Suite blog.

In the pub

Billy Grant

Dave Lane

Katie Bee Graham

Matt The Allard Allard

0 min - Intro

6 min 57 sec - Beesotted crew talk about The Tipping Point. Hull City - was this the point of no return. Where things HAVE to get better for Brentford?

53 min 58 sec- If you know yer history? Brentford seem to have overlooked the naming of the lounges in the new Lionel Road stadium. Is this the start of a the club not taking into consideration the history of Brentford Football Club as they look to move to the new stadium?

1 hr 09 min 46 sec - From Maupay’s goal at Fulham. To Rob Rowan’s sudden death. We look at the highs and lows of 2018. 

1 hr 31 min 44 sec - Five from The Hive - We chat to Eddie Skelly from Lion of Vienna Suite

1 hr 42 min 22 sec - Beesotted crew talk Bolton

1 hr 48 min 40 sec - END