Adversity Defeated: Turn Your Struggles into Strengths

Dec 25, 2018, 11:05 AM

Host Marnye Young interviews

Marc Hoberman,

the author of "Adversity Defeated"

At the age of 16, Marc Hoberman moved from Yonkers, New York, to Hollywood, Florida. Moving away from his friends was hard enough, but being diagnosed with epilepsy shortly thereafter was even harder. Marc's story follows him from high school up to his present-day life as an author, teacher, husband, and father. His struggles with seizures, toxic medications, and loneliness were a certain recipe for disaster. Marc's sense of humor, support network, and successful search for a doctor who would save his life prompted him to make his private story public. Marc's message of turning his struggle into a strength will certainly resonate with teens and parents alike.

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