Keeley Olivia and The Sexual Revolution

Dec 25, 2018, 11:11 AM

This Christmas Day 2018 Podcast features a conversation with Keeley Olivia (, a sex and relationships expert whose TEDx talk 'Masturbation is the New Meditation' has amassed around half a million views in only a few weeks!

During the conversation, we cover themes in human sexuality and sexual behaviour, shame and honesty, and the need to change our social and educational attitude towards sex and relationships. Also, Keeley shares what it was like to talk about her 'masturbation memoir' with the world.

Keeley Olivia is a professionally trained transformational, and sex, love and relationship coach as well as an academic researcher and scientist with almost a decade of experience. She holds a first class degree in Chemistry, studied Regenerative Medicine at postgraduate level and has a Masters degree in Medical Statistics. She is now bringing Anarchy to the UK via the Sexual Revolution!

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