[ACS 03] Blackbuck is designing for technology challenged users - Viraj Verma

Jan 09, 12:30 AM

Welcome to a brand new episode of Audiogyan Case Studies. Today we will be discussing “How Blackbuck is designing for technology challenged users.” And for this, I have Viraj Verma with us on Audiogyan. Viraj is an Architect turned User Experience Design professional and an avid practitioner of design thinking. He is currently leading the product design at Blackbuck, a company focussed on transforming freight logistics sector in India. BlackBuck is building an online marketplace platform for freight where shippers and fleet operators can engage seamlessly. And today we are here to discuss what goes is designing an experience for these technology challenged users.


1. What does Blackbuck do essentially?

2. How big is the design team?

3. Can you tell us what are the main challenges while designing interfaces?

4. How are you trying to solve these challenges?

5. One of your critical user is a truck driver? And as we know they are either completely drunk or frustrated with road rage. How are you handling errors and exception for them?

6. What has been your biggest learning?

7. How do you do user research?

8. Since there isn’t anyone doing much for these tier 2 and tier 3 cities or users if I may say, what is your source of inspiration. How and what your sources of reference? Because Clearly dribble won’t help.

9. You are actually solving real world problems which are slightly uncool. What keeps you going?

10. I hope this podcast make designers aware of the kind of real challenges you are dealing with. What are your expectations from designer community and talent you are trying to acquire. 

Blackbuck is always looking for talented UI, UX & product designers who wish to solve problem of Real India. Drop a mail at viraj.verma@blackbuck.com or vermaviraj91@gmail.com