Christmas Eve Level 2: The Captain of Christmas, Myck Aussie, Get Off Corey's Lawn, and more...

Dec 24, 2018, 04:25 PM

The second level of the show starts with the gang, donning their "Christmas sweaters," and recognizing the decorations done by producer Chris Bivona, give him the nickname, Captain Christmas. Myck Aussie joins the show to answer some betting odds for the holiday week, look at the future of John Harbaugh, and answers if they celebrate Christmas in Australia (yes...they do!). Gabe discusses rumors of where John Harbaugh will coach next year, with the Jets and Broncos reportedly sniffing around, as Harbuagh has yet to sign a new contract. Corey tells Mark Cuban to stay off his lawn, citing how Cuban is "a limousine liberal," who doesn't care about young athletes and them building their brand; Gabe and Corey argue if Cuban's words on athletes marketing themselves holds water. Gabe and Corey also talk about the Raiders moving out of Oakland and how the whole professional 

sports landscape will change in Oakland with the Raiders gone, and the Warriors looking at moving to San Francisco.

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