The top posts of 2018, u/myfreeday and u/itsyerdad exchange stories of derelict living situations, and the continuing story of Dad Boobes

Dec 29, 2018, 07:32 AM

We're changing pace a little on episode 95, and instead of using a specific Subreddit as a launching point, we're taking a deep dive in the top posts from the 2018 front page. From the Mexican restaurant that moved into an old Chinese restaurant and painted sombreros on the Pandas, to the Zuckerberg robot memes, to the many ups and downs of Elon Musk, we take a tour of this year's greatest hits. Then, we take a hard right turn and discuss u/myfreedays story of when his neighbor god murdered. But then we get back to the memes. It's been a good year ladies and gents, and we can only assume it's going to get a lot weirder in 2019. u/dogboobes's dad is going to get a whole lot cruiser. u/itsyerdad's emotional response to baby boomers is going to get a whole lot hate-y-er, u/myfreeday's garage studio is going to become a whole lot ranch dressing-er. And will continue to be a very unsponsive-er to our emails. Seeya in 2019.