Jan. 3rd, Level 1: Who's the quitter: Kawhi or AB, Bird Box challenge, Engel vs. Parson, and more...

Jan 03, 2019, 03:37 PM

Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the show with Corey thinking Kawhi Leonard, who is getting ready to take on his old Spurs team, is a quitter, while Gabe tells him that Antonio Brown is the one they should be calling a quitter. The gang talks about the Bird Box Challenge, where people are blindfolding themselves and walking around, and Michelle and Corey agree to take the challenge, with the idea that they would have to point out body parts on Jeff the Skeleton. Scott Engel joins the show to argue with Corey (what else is new?) and to break down his Seahawks taking on Corey's Cowboys in the Wild Card round.

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