Jan 3rd, Level 2: Jordan wins, LeBron brands, Sixers, Get Off Gabe's Lawn, Cam Stewart, and more...

Jan 03, 2019, 04:22 PM

The second level of the show starts with Gabe bringing up how Michael Jordan lived to win, while LeBron James lives to have fun, and build his brand; Corey says Jordan lived to make $250 sneakers. The gang argues if the Sixers are starting to show cracks, with Joel Embiid acting like a clown, Ben Simmons not being able to shoot, and the Kardashian name hanging a dark cloud over Simmons. Gabe is fed up with anti-marijuana propaganda, citing how Darryl Strawberry is saying marijuana is dangerous, with Gabe saying this is the same guy who smokes crack, and needs to get off his lawn. Cam Stewart joins the show to agree that cocaine, along with pills, are a bigger issue than marijuana, and that weed should be legalized everywhere. 

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