Hayley Hubbard

Jan 07, 04:34 AM

I could not be more thrilled to kick of 2019 continuing my Music City Wives Series with this angel, Hayley Hubbard.  Hayley has the most gentle, giving spirit.  She is so inclusive and kind, and radiates so much love for humanity.  It was inspiring getting soulful with Hayley, to hear her talk so openly about how she is finding the courage to speak up and use her voice and platform, even though it had formerly terrified her.  She talks a lot about God and several moments in her life where God smacked her in the face with a message loud and clear.  One of those being when she was about to move to LA.  She had a roommate and life lined up, ready to sign a lease, when this cute boy she was just friends with, Tyler Hubbard, told her "No, I don't think you should go... Have you prayed about it yet?"  The next day, God gave her an answer loud and clear.  She is now married to Tyler (of Florida Georgia Line) and has the sweetest baby girl Liv.  Hayley and Tyler's love is more than inspirational.  FGL includes their wives in all that they do publicly, and have shown that marriage is a sexy and a beautiful thing in the Entertainment Industry, where so many people before have not wanted to promote marriage.  Hayley and Tyler are definitely couple goals and more than that, they are incredible people.